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Frequently Asked Questions

What tool do you use for your art?
A Wacom Bamboo tablet generally but I am looking into incorporating traditional art into my style. So sketching will be traditional and then I will clean up and finish in digital. It seems to give me more freedom sketching traditionally.
What do you generally draw?
I really like drawing both animals and humans so it only goes to show that my favourite original character (OC) is Rachel a wolf spirit who appears in human form with wolf ears. I also have many animal characters as well. I can't draw MLP for the life of me... I tried. (Will try again too, can't stop learning!)

Do you do commissions?
Yes I do. I am doing college next year so I don't know how much time that will take up with work as well. I always strive to do the best I can in every piece of my art (my gallery would look bad if I didn't ;) I love you guys to though so I wouldn't do that to you)

Do you do art trades or requests? /
Depends what mood I am in really... note me but if its an art trade expect to do your share first- I have been ripped off before and it wasn't nice. As for requests I am pretty open to them but if it looks like you just try and get free art off everyone don't expect a yes... depends on my mood
Gift art from my amazing friends and also wonderful commission art :3

for lilsunnygirl by tigerpawthecatBrothers by FayerinMovie Time!~Commission by NyaOniBroken Gold - LilSunnyGirl by TinyTuxedoKittyTemirah by HungerMythosGift For Lilsunnygirl by sherbet13Eis headshot - Prize by HungerMythos-COMM- Jumping Rachel by AzaenMRachel by TheRadioactivesGift by L0ST-MuttGift: Rachel by slycooper11Benita's Commission- Finish by RedisherSunny OC  LS req by vicseCOMM :: LilSunnyGirl by iDanaliAT:The Sky Diving Hedgehog by RB9art trade 4 lilsunnygirl by tigerpawthecatCat and Cent by L0ST-MuttHot Mess :AT: by Mister-Disasterart trade with LittleSunnyGirl by L0ST-Mutt+PC+ Desu loves cookies~ by Alljammedout55Lilsunnygirl Contest Entry by graystriperules8Merry Christmas Ilovehorses123 by tyke101Gift for ILuvHorses123 by VorkVitaeWolf OC for Iluvhorses123 by Altairas


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What Inspires Me

Wed Dec 17, 2014, 3:11 PM
Just a quick art feature:

Breath by WildEllieThe path by WildEllie

WildEllie (I swear I am not trying to get your attention lol so just ignore this haha). I am inspired by these are pieces (Artist too) because the characters are not quite realistic in style... So I mean it isn't like they are taken like a photograph. Which I like and is the style I am working towards at the moment which means - More anatomy practice! Nooooooooooooo !

Ffff :AT: by GlassOfGasoline
GlassOfGasoline Haha I can't believe I am actually fangirling over something for once!  I love your style it is the ultimate meaning of cute!  I wish I could draw like this lol Only thing is my characters don't have a cuteness factor - something that will have to be changed soon! (If I keep looking at your art) I love how everything is the right size too! like the head fits the body :D

Paithoon by Culpeo-Fox
Culpeo-Fox If your reading this - Wow. I love your art. Its an inspiration as I just want to... no, no my hands just itch to draw something when I see your art. People just coming to life that is something.
Zi by rustikuzWinter is coming by rustikuz
rustikuz I found this artist today and the art is just simply breathtaking. A lot of attention to detail is obvious but it seems as though this artist doesn't take a long time to draw that detail if that makes sense. It gives the impression that the artist has knowledge of where the light will be and what affect it will have on the overall image.
Dwarfy by dream-cup
dream-cup How can you pack that much attitude into a little picture? I don't know but dream-cup does! I wish I could do that and it has inspired me for the art of my goblins that are going to be Alessia's enemy. Love it.

Little archer by Lord-of-the-slugs
Lord-of-the-slugs Ultimately this is how I want my art to end up, fantasy style but so realistic you could almost believe it is real. Just like this picture here. (I am still tossing up cartoon style and realistic... tough descision)  I love the detail in the crows wings and the thought put into the skin colour of the woman. And clouds. Need I say more? They are so hard to create but they look so realistic in this piece.

Freefall by Kate-FoX
Kate-FoX Gives me goosebmps when I see it! Still wish that Alessia had a tail!  But man this picture is just inspirational and the colour is so warm! This is how I want my digital art to be right now!!

Free Art!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 13, 2014, 7:36 PM


haha did I get your attention?! I hope so!

I need to practice drawing different things so I am going to do lineart of several different characters. (I get my laptop sorted out on Monday then its back to digital! :D yay you don't know how happy that makes me) Rules are you have to be a watcher.

Characters I need (preferably with some detail so that it stands out just being a lineart)

1. A demon (I don't draw demons haha just see how it turns out)

:star: Closed

2. A wolf (If it has armour or toys or whatever hit me as I won't be colouring and well your character will just look like anyone's wolf otherwise)

:star: Open

3. A human (Can be an anthro human so it can have ears and a tail if you want)

:star: Open

4. A MLP Pony (x.x *dies)

:star: Closed!
Drawing art for Mystic-L1ghtDrawing Practice (MLP) - Mystic-L1ght by LilSunnyGirl…

5. A dragon ( can be original design or your own Fan art character from how to train a dragon)

:star: Open

....... I think that will keep me busy :D

Cheers :iconlilsunnygirl:

P.S You can only put forward one character... you aren't going to get a ton of free art so choose your favourite :)

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